Just over a year ago, we launched CancerSurvivalRates.com. We were fortunate to hit the small window in between the holidays and when COVID-19 began to dominate news coverage. Despite the circumstances, the reaction to CSR was amazing.

After a few news outlets such as Medscape and Stat picked up the story, we started getting users from around the world. Oncologists and other physicians who grapple with providing guidance to patients thanked us for building something that was so much easier for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to use. And in just one year, we’ve had almost 100,000 users, with…

CancerSurvivalRates.com is up

Creating cancersurvivalrates.com has been a bittersweet journey. We wish that such a site were not necessary, either because cancer is a non-factor in all of our lives or that prognosis information is well understood by every patient and family that wants it. But so long as cancer claims the lives of one-quarter to half of all people, providing information about cancer survival rates to those searching for it will be needed.

We decided to build cancersurvivalrates.com for two reasons: First, we believe there is an unmet need among a large number of people searching for information about…


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